Not only did Mario conduct and interesting and dynamic class, but he also incorporated props and gave progressions to follow. The class tested my strength but also had a great flow, I’ll definitely be back again.
— Andre, New Jersey

Mario goes the extra mile to make every class he teaches the best possible experience. I love his classes.
— Faryn, Washington, D.C.

I’m so thankful for Mario’s incredible knowledge, patience and genuine passion for yoga. Every class with him has made me more comfortable with my own flow and has given me the confidence to know when and how to push myself in my own practice. His ability to empower others – no matter how novice or skilled – is the difference between him and other instructors I’ve taken yoga with before.
— Stephanie, Bethesda, MD

When I first began practicing yoga, I searched for a place that I would feel included and accepted, so that I might be able to spread my yogic wings in a nurturing environment. One of my friends recommended that I go to the local YMCA where she stated that there was a fantastic yoga teacher who taught Sunday night classes. This day and time worked for my schedule, and the membership fee at the YMCA was nominal, so I opted to follow my friend’s advice. The yoga teacher that she was referring to was Mario Austin, and his classes were otherworldly. I identify as a black male, so to have someone like Mario, who looks like me, be able to hold space for me and to facilitate my journey to and through the self was a truly magical experience. I was diligent in attending his Sunday night classes for months, and each class brought me closer to who I truly am and helped me to peel back the layers of myself and begin to confront the man in the mirror. Mario is a very caring, kind, and intuitive person, and these character strengths are evident in every yoga experience that he curates. Mario’s attention-to-detail in both the alignment adjustments and recommendations to go deeper into the pose helped me to always feel like each asana was within my reach. Because of Mario, I realized my love of yoga and my love for myself.
— Alexander, Washington, D.C.